What is your methodology for therapy?

1. What is your methodology for therapy of corona positive? It is essential to deal with the virus instantly after its arrival. This therapy must be achieved inside 48 hours of the virus coming into the physique. If you’re feeling a sore throat or are feeling drained, begin ingesting scorching water instantly. So scorching that you simply sweat after ingesting and the physique temperature rises by one or two levels. By the way in which, sweat additionally comes from working or working arduous, however, solely scorching water will cease the virus from rising. If the zinc degree within the physique is sweet then the immunity will probably be sturdy and the virus will die. 2. What to incorporate within the meals in order that the extent of zinc within the physique is sweet? Make papaya and melon seeds powder and eat it with rice. Or you’ll be able to add zinc to your weight loss program via 2 walnuts, some darkish chocolate, a two-slice pineapple. Apart from this, you can even take zinc and iron tablets by asking your physician. 3. What quantity of zinc and how lengthy will it take? The physique wants 40 mg of zinc on a daily basis. Rasam drink in South India comprises zinc. Eating fruits after lunch can even offer you this. The syrup-tablet the physician offers is normally taken twice every week to remain wholesome. It needs to be taken each day on the time of corona. For at the very least ten days. 4. Is there no must at all times handle zinc ranges within the physique? I’ve some youngsters who are at all times sick. I instructed them so as to add zinc to the weight loss program and they began falling unwell. I might say that it needs to be included in consuming it on a daily basis. 5. Can individuals of all ages take it? People over 60 years of age are dying from Corona as a result of the lack of zinc of their physique. If we give them zinc, they’ll profit vastly. It doesn’t have any uncomfortable side effects. People affected by blood strain or any illness may take zinc. People of all ages can take it. 6. Is zinc higher to eat or is it higher to take it via medication? Earlier we used to drink purple rice Ganji. It was concerned about consuming a few years in the past. Then there have been no coronary heart blocks or assaults. Eating Bicomplex doesn’t trigger coronary heart blockage. It is healthier to incorporate it in meals, in any other case you’ll be able to take medicines. But take care of how you are taking it. On many occasions, I give zinc tablets and it isn’t digested within the physique. It is well digested within the physique by taking zinc with rice or lemon. Four directions to strengthen the immunity system … – Stop ingesting tea. If you’re hooked on ingesting tea, then it’s higher to warm water, milk and then add tea leaf and filter it and drink it quickly. This can even carry tea taste and it will not hurt. Boiling the tea removes it's chemical and blocks iron zinc within the physique. Green tea is equally dangerous. – Use lemon within the meals. If you eat rice, biryani and add lemon to it, then iron zinc will probably be absorbed within the physique. You may drink half a lemon combined with a glass of warm water. – Drink combined turmeric in warm milk earlier than sleeping. This will increase the immunity of your physique. – Drink warm water and embrace zinc in your weight loss program. After consuming meals, ingesting cumin in scorching water can even be useful.