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Want loose weight Quickly!

How can I lose weight quickly with no exercise?

6 simple tips to lose your weight without exercise.

1. Supplement your meals with veggies. Your mum was an angel when she told you to eat your vegetables. Vegetables are not only healthy but also prevent dips and spikes in your energy levels. The fibre and water in vegetables keep you full for longer and energized till your next meal. This, in turn, limits your calorie intakes and keeps your skin glowing. Vegetables can be incorporated in all your meals or even taken in between meals as healthy snacks. There are so many types of vegetables and this makes your meal unique at each moment.

2. Drink Water Regularly. Water has been considered by many to be a weight loss agent. That is a proven fact, actually, more than 50% of people trying to lose weight, start with drinking water. Most studies have shown that drinking water increases the number of calories burned by 24-30% within 15 minutes, through a process called resting energy expenditure. Drinking water before meals has a great impact on the number of calories one consumes. In one study, overweight people who drank water before meals lost 44% more weight than their counterpart. It is time that juice time turned to a water party.

3. Serve Yourself Smaller Portions. Over time, the portions served in restaurants have been increasing. This due to the change in plate size and also the preference to use of platter. With each increase, people are encouraged to eat more. This has been linked to the rampant increase in obese people. Studies have shown that serving food in smaller portions help one to consume fewer calories and be aware of what they consume.

4. Get enough sleep. Enough sleep is known to be a cure for many problems. And it is also a solution to weight loss. Lack of enough sleep is a disruption to vital hormones. A tired person tends to consume more food than a well-rested one. Less sleep also raises stress levels, this prompts the body to produce glucocorticoids. Excess glucocorticoids increase appetite leading to weight gain. Getting 6 hours or more of sleep, will impact your weight loss journey and keep your skin smooth.

5. Sharpen your cooking skills. Good cooking skills makes one aware of what they consume and also enjoy the amazing meal. A good cook enjoys having a home-made meal. This includes healthy ingredients like vegetables, whole grain, and fruits. A study has actually linked obesity to poor cooking skills. Cooking classes and trying new recipes may be a good hobby to adopt soon. Or that book club can turn to be a cooking class once in a while.

6. Eat Without Distractions. Being aware and in touch with what you eat, may help to consume fewer calories and in turn stay in shape. Eating while watching tv, playing video games, working or playing, makes one lose track of how much they are eating. One ends up eating more, over a prolonged period of time. Research has proved that people who eat while distracted, end up eating up to 25% more calories. Table manners emphasized on giving the food some respect. It is time we revived the table manners.

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