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Vitamin B12 for Covid-19

B12 Vitamin - a boon for curing COVID-19 patients

Dr. Adnan Dastgir with Sana riyaz

COVID-19 has become the scariest viruses of all.

The outbreak of this dangerous situation makes everyone wonder how to stay safe.

Just being at home is not the only option, but to keep the immune system strong is the most important measure that you can take.

There are various choices to keep the immune system strong, but my new finding has added to my experience for treating corona patients.

B12Vitamin proves to be the bonus for curing corona patients. B12Vitamin is an essential nutrient for your body.

But, remember! Your body does not produce it.

So, let me tell you what B12Vitamin is and what it does to your body. In this article, I will also tell you foods that will provide you B12Vitamin.

What is B12Vitamin?

B12Vitamin, also known as Cobalamin is an essential nutrient that is very important for the health of your nervous system.

Why is it so important

It’s because B12Vitamin is an essential building material for the red blood cells and DNA of your body.

Not only this, but B12Vitamin helps in preventing fatigue and depression. So, its deficiency can lead to many serious health issues.

How does it work?

B12 Vitamin is absorbed in the stomach with the help of a protein called intrinsic factor. This substance binds to the vitamin B12 molecule and facilitates its absorption into your blood and cells.

Your body stores excess vitamin B12 in the liver, so if you consume more than the RDI, your body will save it for future use. Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, older people and vegetarian should watch their diet to avoid deficiency of B12Vitamin.

From where will you get B12Vitamin?

As I told you earlier that your body does not produce this vital vitamin, so, you have to get from the diet and supplements you intake. You can get the vitamin naturally in a wide variety of animal food that is fortified (When nutrients are added to foods).

Interestingly, plants do not have any B12Vitamin unless they are fortified.

Foods that have B12Vitamin:

⊕ Fish, especially shellfish, sardines

⊕ Tuna and Trout Fish

⊕ Crab

⊕ beef

⊕ Eggs

⊕ Fortified Cereal

⊕ Cheese

⊕ Liver

For Vegans/Vegetarians:

⊕ Soymilk

⊕ Tofu

⊕ Buttermilk

⊕ Nutritional Yeast


Multivitamins have B12. Besides, Dietary Supplements and nutrients like B Vitamins have B12.

How much your body needs it?

Every age group requires a different amount of B12Vitamin intake. Here is a list of the recommended amount of B12Vitamin for each age group.

The best option In cases of deficiency is to take 250 mcg supplements daily

Age Group


Birth to 6 months

0.4 mcg

Infants 7–12 months

0.5 mcg

Children 1–3 years

0.9 mcg

Children 4–8 years

1.2 mcg

Children 9–13 years

1.8 mcg

Teens 14–18 years

2.4 mcg


2.4 mcg

Pregnant teens and women

2.6 mcg

Breastfeeding teens and women

2.8 mcg

As known, COVID 19 attacks a body whose immune is weak and infection with corona puts excessive stress on the nervous system making our bodies depleted in vitamin b12 leading to symptoms such as fatigue, extreme tiredness, depression, and anxiety.

and so my experience shows that B12Vitamin supplements (specially as intravenous injections )give you great results.

These injections can be the ‘Superhero’ to save you and to help you recover from this virus.

#Staysafe #Stayhealthy