The Universal Law of “As Within, So Without”

The Universal Law of “As Within, So Without” The Universe and your surroundings rearrange themselves to bring you what you believe and to reflect your existing reality. So it is literally as within so without. Your outside world is really an exact reflection of your inner world. This is how your lessons on Earth are presented to you. So look at your life and see what you have in your life. Always remember that peace within leads to outside peace in your life.  As within, so without.  So, if you wish to change something in your life, you must look within yourself to alter your attitudes and beliefs in order for your outer world to change.  Change yourself on the inside and watch your outer world change. You must make the change and not wait for others to change. To have something you have never had before, you must do something you have never done before. In the present testing times,

it’s really important to maintain the inner positivity and see the outside world change for the better. If you are kind and generous, you will have people in your life who are kind and generous to you. You are manifesting your reality based on how you feel.  When you feel better and good about yourself and your life, you are resonating at a higher energy vibration and you will tend to laugh more and have more joy in your heart. So look at your life and make the appropriate changes to get you to laugh more and shift your consciousness level higher