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Sustain your flat tummy...

If you are avoiding drinking water to sustain your flat tummy then you are in for some serious trouble. Because guess what? You will gain more weight thanks to dehydration.

Your body is almost 70%. And to maintain your metabolism and other body functions it is important to keep yourself hydrated. Not just with water but all kinds of fluids. But less physical activity and staying indoors make us less thirsty and we end up drinking less water–making our body dehydrated.

And the biggest setback of dehydration is immediate weight gain, suggests clinical nutritionist Dr Lovneet Batra

Dehydration makes you eat more, says

Dr Batra

When you are dehydrated there is a signal malfunctioning that happens in your brain, according to Dr Batra. Dehydration takes away the thirst signals and sends hunger signals instead due to which you tend to eat more.

weight gain and dehydrationStay hydrated to lose weight. “When your body is dehydrated there is a loss of energy and you feel tired. To replenish that energy you tend to eat more and this ultimately leads to weight gain. In this case, your body craves more for sugar and fat which is THE actual presser for weight gain”, she says.

Your gut health gets compromised due to less water consumption

If you drink less water then your gut health will be compromised for sure. Your body won’t make enough digestive juices, your metabolism will fall and ultimately weight gain will take place.

“Dehydration can also lead to constipation and irritable bowel movement which are directly related to weight gain”, she suggests.

Do you know that if you drink two glasses of water half an hour before working out, then your metabolism can shoot up by 30%? That means you can lose more weight.

Also, drinking more water leads to a process called lipolysis. Lipolysis is the breakdown of lipids or fats. Water also reduces the risk of obesity and type 2 obesity.

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