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Nationwide lockdown will no longer help in Covid-19 fight: Virologist

• Leading virologist Shahid Jameel stressed that testing has to be dynamic to continuously monitor red, orange and green zones

• About community transmission of coronavirus in India, Jameel said the country reached that stage long ago

He said COVID-19 will eventually be controlled through herd immunity, which is acquired in two ways – when a sufficient fraction of the population gets infected and recovers, and with vaccination.

[02:26, 25/05/2020] Bobby Bhai Dubai New: We have to improve our immune system till a vaccine is ready

Vitamin d3 50000 per week

Zinc supplements 20mg per day

Omega 3 fish oil 1-2 gm per day

Vitamin c 1000 mg per day

Hot and cooked food

Regular exercise

7-8 hrs sleep

Sunshine and fresh air

Relaxed attitude

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