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It all started with cough!

how one gets in dusty weather. Since there were dust storms I attributed everything to that and started taking anti-allergy tablets. After one-two days developed fever, took panadol 6-hourly. Faced tremendous fatigue and felt extraordinarily weak. Cough subsided a little, fever ranged from 99-100 and even came to normal. Slightest exertion raised the temperature. Had acute shooting pain starting from neck going to the collar bone and down the left arm. No chest pain, that was some consolation. Today is the 12th day, tried doing without panadol for 10 hours but when checked had fever after 9 hours, hence took it again. Things that I religiously did: Steaming with kalonji (black seeds) Saltwater gargles Vitamin C Omega 3 Vitamin D And had hot soups and kept having hot food every one/two hours with munching a lot of dry fruits I also used boiled ginger and turmeric with saffron(again your advice) and had it all through the day.

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