Insulin resistance and diabetes....

Insulin resistance and diabetes can lead to the pathologic accumulation of lipids in the liver video thanks to Mr. Owais.

Intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating, the best insulin resistance diet

I’ve noticed that many of my patients have breakfast out of habit or misconceptions about the benefits of breakfast

(Always eat only when hungry

, mostly I have my breakfast around 1 pm or even later, with good results)

The best way to increase your insulin sensitivity is through fasting, or by reducing the time window our body gets food to within a time window of 8 hours (eg if you had your breakfast at 11 am, the 8 hours window will end at 7 pm,(11-7 =8 hrs)

“If you become very insulin resistant, then your insulin levels are up all the time, your body is always trying to shove the energy into the fat cells, and when you feel cold and tired and lousy.

That’s the real problem. Resistance really depends on two things.

It’s not simply the high levels, but it’s the persistence of those levels.

What people have realized is that the insulin resistance, because it depends on those two things, a period of time where you can get your insulin levels very low is going to break that resistance because it breaks that persistence. Not simply the levels, but the persistence of those levels.”