How to get into ketosis fast

Ketosis is a natural state of the metabolic process. When a person has reached ketosis, their body is burning stored fat instead of glucose.

Great for sugar control, weight loss, epilepsy patients, etc

7 tips to get into ketosis

1. Increasing physical activity

Exercise helps a person deplete the glycogen stores in their body.

2. Significantly reducing carbohydrate intake

Ketosis occurs when a lack of carbohydrates forces the body to use fat as its primary energy source instead of sugar.

A person looking to reach ketosis, whether for weight loss, to reduce the risk of heart disease, or to maintain and control blood sugar levels, should aim to reduce their carb consumption to 20 grams (g) per day or less.

3. Fasting for short periods

Fasting, or going without food, can help a person achieve a state of ketosis. Many people can actually go into ketosis between meals.

4. Increasing healthful fat intake

As carbohydrate intake decreases, most people replace the loss of carbohydrates with an increase in healthful fats. Some fats that a person can eat include:

coconut oil

olive oil

avocados and avocado oil

flaxseed oil

5. Testing ketone levels

One method that can help a person achieve a state of ketosis is monitoring the levels of ketones in the body. There are several tests available for this, including:




6. Protein intake

The keto diet limits the amount of protein a person can eat in comparison with fat.

While recommended amounts vary, one standard keto diet recommends consuming 20% of calories as protein.

7. Consuming more coconut oil

Coconut oil may help a person reach or maintain a state of ketosis.

According to a study focusing on Alzheimer’s disease, adding coconut oil to the diet may help people increase their ketone levels.