First thing in the morning!

Visualization Exercises Help Build Strength,

First thing in the morning

in a comfortable position, close your eyes and imagine — in as vivid detail as you can —


imagine your fit youthful body,

doing exercises that you enjoy

new research is suggesting that visualization can actually strengthen muscles.

the general belief is that such practice increases confidence and helps build the pathways in the nervous system that are aligned with reducing anxiety and distractions.

Researchers from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio investigated the strength benefits of imagining exercising a muscle. They reported that just thinking about exercise helped maintain muscle strength in a group of subjects.


Mrs Paiker’s feedback, relief from chronic abdominal pains on weight loss

Mr Abu zar lost 7 kgs over the last two months by

1 taking breakfast at 1pm

2 breakfast only fruits and vegetables

3 dinner one chapati more vegetables and salad

4 rice once every 15 days

5 green morning

6 dry fruits after 1 pm within limits

5 green tea in the morning