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each Your Fitness or Weight Loss Goals with Kaizen!

How You Can Use Kaizen to Reach Your Fitness or Weight Loss Goals

Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning "change for the better" or "continuous improvement."

Kaizen is a concept that promotes the idea of small improvements that eventually lead to success.

Kaizen encourages us to implement small improvements regularly. So, you might start walking 5 minutes a day

, then add 10 squats the next day (which might feel a little uncomfortable) and then add 5 push-ups on day 3 (uncomfortable but still doable). If you continue adding small chunks of exercise, you will end up doing a 30-minute workout before you know it. And all of a sudden, you are doing something that was entirely out of your comfort zone only some weeks ago.

If you decide to walk, don’t leave an idle day, if required just walk for a few minutes.

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