Do you have acidity in Ramadan ??

📍 To combat this I recommend drinking Nabeez. Nabeez' [Nabidh] was one of the drinks consumed by the Prophet ﷺ ▪ It is an alkalizing tonic and helps to remove other metabolic wastes from the body. It improves digestion as it's high in soluble fiber The idea behind soaking dates or raisins in water is so that they sweeten the water and become softened Softened dates/raisins release their vitamins and minerals more easily and are easier to digest At night soak around 100 grams of dates or raisins in 1 liter of water/or 3-4 dates in one glass of water Next morning, you can drink the water and eat the soaked fruit or just use your blender (water + soaked fruit) to obtain a beautiful cloudy Nabeez ▪ Nabeez should be consumed within 12 hours of soaking time 📍 Nabeez must never be left for more than 2-3 days, otherwise, it may start to ferment, which is the start of the alcohol brewing process 📍 Never mix raisins and dates together, make them separate