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Do's & Don'ts of an N95 Mask and other equivalent masks.

DO NOT Do not spray your mask with disinfectants. Disinfectant spraying reduces filtration by 30% so your N95 will become an N65(useless). Do not rinse your mask as it will destroy the hydrophobic layer and render it useless. Do not put your mask in the Sun in the hope to Sterilize it because it will destroy the electrostatic layer of the mask rendering it useless. Do not share your mask with anyone or use someone else's mask. Do not microwave/boil / autoclave your mask Do not touch the inner surface of your mask Do not store in zip lock bag / airtight container as moisture will breed many infectious organisms. ✅ Do's ✅ Here's what you can do until a good method of sterilization is found by our research team. Yes you heard it right We Are Doing it IA 👉🏻1. Get five N-95 masks if you're a medical professional and exposed to patients on a daily basis. Mark them 1,2,3,4 & 5 respectively. Use Mask 1 on the first day and when you're done for the day, place that mask safely in a paper bag ensuring the mask cannot be in contact with other things for the next 5 days. Keep cycling. On day 5 when you're on your 5th mask, Mask 1 will be naturally sterilized and ready to use. Start the cycle again from Mask 1 👉🏻 Do wear a surgical mask or face shield on top of your N95 to protect it from soiling by the sudden splash of fluids/sneeze or cough droplets 👉🏻* Do change* your N95 if it is soiled/deformed / breathing becomes increasingly difficult. 👉🏻 Do cut your masks & REMEMBER TO DISCARD PROPERLY

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