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Covid-19 virus is behaving differently?

The Covid-19 virus is behaving differently in different people. Up to now, we have seen 7 different manifestations of the coronavirus.

1. It is a viral illness, so it is a self-limiting disease; antiviral drugs are effective

2. It has bacterial activity, procalcitonin is high in some persons; antibiotics like doxycycline, azithromycin may work.

3. It has some HIV like properties, as there is lymphopenia (viruses usually cause lymphocytosis), a decrease in CD4 cell count; anti-HIV drugs may be effective.

4. It causes immuno-inflammation: rise in acute phase reactants (ESR, CRP, ferritin, and platelet count). Hydroxychloroquine may work.

5. It causes thrombo-inflammation: Increase in d-dimer and fibrinogen; anticoagulation may be important.

6. Silent hypoxia (walking dead phenomenon): Hypoxia (oxygen 60-70%) without loss of consciousness. put on 02...Think of methemoglobin.

7. Cytokine storm - Tocilizumab

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