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Dear Sir, Maam, and Kids, Hope you all are safe and doing great. There are a lot of forwards about homeopathic medicine as a preventive for COVID 19. Below are the two medicines commonly suggested. 1] Arsenic Album 30 [5 pills once a day for 3 consecutive days, to be repeated once every month]. 2] Camphora 1M [ 5 pills three times a day half an hour before food for 3 consecutive days, to be repeated every month]. Both can be taken by all the family members and of all age groups. But Medicine No.2 - Camphora is not easily available in UAE, hence please use Arsenic album. You may get Arsenic album 200 instead of 30 as some times stock is not available. You may use 200 in the same dosage as 30. *30 C and 30 CH both are the same. Dosage for 30C is 2 tablets and 30 CH is 4 pills. There is no proven data that these medicine can prevent COVID-19. Use of Arsenic album is a suggestion by Dept. Of AYUSH Govt of India You must follow all safety guidelines of COVID-19 prevention given by UAE Govt. In case you are experiencing symptoms of fever, dry cough and difficulty in breathing you MUST report to the health facility near you immediately. Stay safe, work safe Dr Aalim Dhandhukia - Dr Batras Homeopathy Clinic

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