5 Reasons Why You Must Add Omega-3 Fatty Acids To Your Diet

1. Better heart health

Omega-3 fatty acids have been linked with better heart health in multiple ways. Adding omega-3 to your diet can help you control the various risk factors linked with heart disease including poor cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammation. It can also help improve artery health.

2. May help reduce depression symptoms

Studies and expert have highlighted that omega-3 can help improve your mental health. These can help you control the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Omega-3 fatty acids are also believed to improve conditions like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

3. Promote healthy eyesight

Not just vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids are also beneficial to your eye health. A try of omega-3 forms the major structure of the retina of the eye. Getting enough DHA (a type of omega-3) can help you ensure optimal eye health.

4. Keep liver healthy

Omega-3 fatty acids are also beneficial for those with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. These are known to reduce liver fat

5. Promote better sleep

Inadequate sleep is quite common these days. It is linked with several conditions that can affect your overall health. Add foods loaded with omega-3 fatty acids to improve the length and quality of sleep.

Foods loaded with omega-3 fatty acids- Fatty fishes, nuts, seeds, plant oils, seafood, oysters and soybean.